Graves and Memorials – Restoration and Creation work

Honouring Valour and Gallantry

Since 2003 the VC and GC Association has supported the restoration of VC and GC graves and memorials as well as, where appropriate and beneficial, the creation of new memorials. Since this time the Association has financially supported the restoration and or creation of approximately 65 graves and memorials, as well as given advice and established links between interested parties to enable the funding of and work on many others.

We are unique amongst organisations involved in this field in that each application for funding made to the Association must include a plan to show that, once restored, the long-term maintenance of the grave or memorial has been considered and provided for. Wherever possible family members of the deceased VC / GC holder in question are involved in the restoration work and all efforts are made to trace and engage with them using the ever increasing database of relatives maintained by the Association. Similarly, community groups are also engaged so that 'ownership' of the subsequent maintenance of the grave / memorial resides at a local level.

Click here to download the application form for funds relating to grave and memorial restoration/creation. Please complete and email this plus supporting documentation to:

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