Dato Awang anak Raweng GC dies.

The members of the Association are saddened by the death of Awang anak Raweng GC. His presence at their reunions over many years had led to a deep friendship and admiration for a man who risked his life for British soldiers when serving as a scout during the Malaya Emergency in May 1951, whilst fighting against Chinese communist sponsored insurgents. The citation for his award concludes that "so resolute was his demeanour that the bandits, who had maintained their attacks for some forty minutes, and who were now threatened by the other sections, withdrew. The coolness, fortitude and offensive spirit displayed by Awang anak Raweng were of the highest order. Despite being twice severely wounded he showed the utmost courage and resolution to continue the fight and protect the injured soldier." Awang lived with great dignity, loved and was deeply loved by his family. His quiet kindness and fortitude both serving with the military and in his daily life was an example to us all. His funeral service took place today. He was a member of the Christian minority in Malayasia and a very devout soul. He will be buried tomorrow. He was born on 20th April 1929.

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