Personal info

  • Name: Henry FLINTOFF
  • Award: George Cross
  • Occupation at time of action: Farm worker assistant


 On the 23rd June last a farmer was driving a bull which turned on him, knocked him down and knelt on his chest. Harwood Henry Flintoff, a thirteen year old schoolboy who assists the farmer, immediately left his work in a neighbouring filed and ran to his aid. After a struggle with the savage bull, in which the farmer was injured, Henry Flintoff though unarmed caught hold of the animal and together he and the farmer managed to grasp the ring in the bull’s nose, and hold onto it until they both became exhausted. The bull then broke loose but was caught and led to its shed by a farm labourer who came to assist with a pitch fork.

By his courageous action this boy saved the farmer from more serious injury and from possible death.

Henry Flintoff hung on to the bull’s horns for 20 minutes, in spite of the bull’s best efforts to throw him off, which enabled the farmer to crawl to safety.

Citation published in The London Gazette, 8th December 1944

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