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  • Name: Michael MURPHY
  • D.O.B: 5th Sep, 1831
  • D.O.A: 15th Apr, 1858
  • D.O.D: 4th Apr, 1893
  • Award: Victoria Cross
  • Occupation at time of action: Farrier, 2nd Battalion Military Train
  • Book: The Complete History - Volume 1
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Azamgarh, India 15 April 1858

15 April 1858

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The Indian Mutiny 1857-59 

Sir Edward Lugard had left Lucknow on 29 March 1858 to relieve Azamgarh. He reached it on 15 April, capturing the Bridge of Boats over the River Tonse to the west of the town. Kunwar Singh and his followers abandoned Azamgarh, retreating east towards the Rajah’s ancestral lands at Jagdispur. However, to cover his withdrawal Kunwar Singh mounted a stiff rearguard action.


 For daring gallantry on the 15th April, 1858, when engaged in the pursuit of Kooer Singh’s Army from Azimghur, in having rescued Lieutenant Hamilton, Adjutant of the 3rd Sikh Cavalry, who was wounded, dismounted and surrounded by the enemy. Farrier Murphy cut down several men, and, although himself severely wounded, he never left Lieutenant Hamilton’s side, until support arrived. 

The London Gazette of 27 May 1859, Numb. 22268, p. 2106

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