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  • Name: Granville Charles WASTIE
  • D.O.B: 29th Oct, 1902
  • D.O.A: 25th Nov, 1929
  • D.O.D: 24th Mar, 1992
  • Award: George Cross
  • Occupation at time of action: Farmer
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 On the 25th November, 1929, Hector Wastie, a bricklayer, when descending a new well, thirty feet deep and three feet wide, was overcome by gas about half way down and fell unconscious into thirty inches of water at the bottom. His brother Stanley went to his assistance but he too was rendered unconscious by the gas and collapsed. Another workman, George Broughton, attempted to descend the well but when about half way down he became faint and had to be pulled up by the rope he had fastened around him. By this time Granville Wastie, a farmer, who had heard of the accident to his brothers, arrived in a motor car. After tying a handkerchief over his face and roping himself, he descended the well and, tying a rope round Stanley, succeeded in bringing him alive to the surface. Granville then went down a second time and brought up his other brother Hector. A doctor who was summoned found that Hector had been drowned after he had been rendered unconscious by inhaling carbon dioxide. Granville Wastie displayed great courage in descending the well twice after three men had been overcome by gas and he almost certainly saved the life of his brother Stanley. He well understood the risk he was taking and exercised both skill and foresight in effecting the rescue.
ADDENDUM. The following amendment should be made to the notice published in The London Gazette of 6th June, 1930, page 3562, regarding the award of the Edward Medal to Granville Charles Wastie :– In the fifth line of the notice, after “1929,” insert “at North Leigh, Oxfordshire”.

The London Gazette of 6 June 1930, Numb. 33613, p. 3562 (Addendum:The London Gazette of 10 June 1930, Numb. 33614, p. 3669)

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