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  • Name: Royal Ulster Constabulary
  • Award: George Cross
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 Awarded by H.M. The Queen on Tuesday 23rd November 1999. For the past 30 years the Royal Ulster Constabulary has been both the bulwark against, and the main target of, a sustained and brutal terrorist campaign. The Force has suffered heavily in protecting both sides of the community from danger - 302 officers have been killed in the line of duty and thousands more injured, many seriously. Many officers have been ostracised by their own community and others have been forced to leave their homes in the face of threats to them or their families. As Northern Ireland reaches a turning point in its political development this award is made to recognise the collective courage and dedication to duty of all those who have served in the Royal Ulster Constabulary and who have accepted the danger and stress this has brought to them and their families.

The Royal Ulster Constabulary GC is now guarded by The RUC GC Foundation and its Chairman, currently Mr. Brian REA CBE JP, tends to represent the award at Association events. He became Chairman of the RUC GC Foundation in 2013.

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