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Memorial / Grave Details

  • Creation Date: Mar 23rd, 2018

Pte John McDermond VC remains something of a mystery. The exact location of his grave is unknown other than that he was interred in the Eastern Necropolis Glasgow probably along with other Typhus victims. The location of his birth is also unknown but presumed to have been in Clackmannanshire. Research has verified is that he had many relatives in Alloa, working in the glassworks and mills there, and it is there that he is presumed to have married. When he was discharged from the Army it was to Alloa that he went although he left for Stirling and subsequently Glasgow where he died four years later. Locals (including local Press) claim Pte John McDermond VC as one of theirs and so it was decided that he should be remembered with a VC Paving Stone, similar to those commemorating First World War VC actions all over the country. He was the first in the County to have been awarded the VC. The VC and GC Association are proud to have funded this project and very grateful to Gloria Winfield for being the impetus behind it.


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